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truck bed covers

Hard folding tonneau covers are one of the best, most protective style of truck bed covers you can get. Hardcovers use a rigid frame with aluminum or other solid panels to protect the cargo inside your truck’s bed.
These covers are also very easy to install. They are light-weight, use a small amount of hardware and install in just minutes. Each brand of the cover has slightly different instructions and hardware, but most are installed in the same manner. In some cases, a particular model truck will have instructions specific to a special bed style. See the instruction manual for your tonneau cover for details.

Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Installation Steps : 

• Remove the cover, hardware and all accessories from the box. Detailed instructions are included.

• Install the bulkhead seal at the front of the bed, near the cab. This is only needed if your truck bed has a spray-in bed liner or bed rail caps. This seal has adhesive on one side. Start at one corner of the bed and remove a small section of the backing paper at a time until the seal reaches from one side of the bed to the other. Cut off any extra you don’t need.

• Place the bed rails that came with the cover in the bed. Put plate ends towards the cab of the truck.

• Tighten the included star clamps or c-clamps starting in the center of each rail. Don’t tighten these completely, only enough to hold the rails in place. This for both sides of the bed. Once all are in place, close the tailgate to make sure it operates correctly with the rails in place. If it does, go ahead and completely tighten all of the clamps.

• Place the bed cover on the bed of your truck, folded up towards the cab. Install any included strap clips and straps using the included rivets or screws. There are pre-drilled holes in the cover for this, if your cover has straps.

• Starting at the front of the bed near the cab, attach the bed cover from underneath using included thumbscrews and rubber washers. Start at the front and work towards the tailgate.

• Close the bed cover to check for proper fitment. If everything seals correctly and the tailgate works properly, go ahead and completely tighten the thumbscrews.

• Open the bed cover and install the bump-stop pads. These adhere like stickers across the edge of the cover to prevent it from hitting your rear cab glass.

• Install prop rods on each side of the bed near the cab by snapping them into place on the bed rails.

• Attach any included drain tubes. These are inserted into the front end of the bed rails so any water that accumulates along the top of the cover can drain out instead of puddling inside your truck bed. Run the end of the drain tubes out of factory holes in the bed. Some holes may be plugged with a rubber grommet. Use a screwdriver to pop the grommet out.

• Close your bed cover and the tailgate. Your tonneau cover is completely installed!

Most hard folding tonneau covers install using these same general instructions. There will be a few differences depending on your truck model and brand of cover. If you have any questions or if you’d like to find the perfect bed cover for your truck, look around right here at Trucks & Beyond today!