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Ford F-150 Bed/Tonneau Cover

Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover

Looking for Ford F-150 truck bed cover/tonneau cover? Our dynamic range of tonneau covers include hard-surfaced looking tonneau covers to prevent thieves from stealing your valuables and soft casual looking tonneau covers to provide a barrier against rainfall, rust, and snow. The Ford F-150 tonneau covers help you shelter the items you carry inside your truck bed. The tough polymers and fiberglass materials provide durability, increase gas mileage, and most importantly, prevent rust and decay.

Best Ford F-150 bed cover

Trucks are essential vehicles to haul heavy equipment and transport it from one place to the other. However, keeping the gear safe and secure from prying eyes is a tough task to accomplish. With the best Ford-150 truck bed cover, add protection to your truck gear while going off-road. There are many styles, colors, brand, and materials available in the market but the deal here is to get the best bed cover under minimal investment.

Trucks and Beyond, therefore, collected three best bed covers worth investing in:

Tando Allāhyār 1. Undercover Tonneau Cover:
It has all the features of a tonneau cover, but with added style and a rear spoiler to match with your taste. The raised ribs are perfect for aerodynamic styling and add a sleek class to the entire truck. The textured black ribs are scratch resistant and provide shield protection from UV rays. Above all, our tonneau cover comes in a smoother version and different color to compliment your truck.

Reiko 2. Bakflip G2 Tonneau Cover:
It is the world’s best selling hard folding tonneau cover. If you are looking for a durable, good looking, secure, easy to install, and easy to function bed covers then this is the one tonneau cover you need to invest in. The Bakflip G2 is well priced and incredibly designed with no drilling feature. Most importantly, you can have access to the whole truck without even getting it removed. Our hard tonneau cover F150 is the most-sought, understated, and refined bed cover.

Guelma 3. Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover:
It is one of the must-have a tonneau covers for truck owners who are always on the go. The integrated tailgate design helps you open and close the tailgate instantly without making the adjustment each time you close or open the truck bed. Also, the aircraft grade aluminum features durability, security against theft, and provide advanced scratch resistance and UV-resistance.

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What Type of Tonneau Cover Do You Need For F150?

The type of tonneau cover you need depends on the type of work you are into. Getting the right Ford F-150 truck bed cover means it must be convenient and offer protection to the cargo from extreme weather, dirt, and debris.

There are several types of Ford F-150 truck bed cover for sale available in the market. Choosing the right Ford F-150 truck bed cover highly depends on your needs. Trucks and Beyond have therefore listed some of the best tonneau covers that suits every truck owner’s transportation needs:

1. Folding Tonneau Cover:
This is one of the most popular Tonneau cover available in the market right now. It gives better access to your truck while protecting the cargo against bad weather, theft, and dirt. The Extang Solid fold 2.0 is the most-sought tonneau cover due to its exciting features, sleek design, and scratch resistant technology.

2. Hinged Tonneau Cover:
The hinged tonneau covers serve best to the truck owners who need to haul cargo inside their truck bed. The hard tonneau cover Ford F-150 is made up of hinges which one can easily open up. These types of tonneau covers can withstand harsh weather and heavy cargo loaded inside the truck. The Ford F-150 truck bed cover is made up of ABS plastic or fiberglass material to offer extra durability, security, and protection from UV-rays.

3. Roll Up Tonneau Covers:
As the name suggests, a roll-up tonneau cover rolls itself to open up. Such type of hard tonneau cover Ford F-150 is ideal for truck owners who want complete access to their truck. Also, due to its lightweight construction, roll up tonneau covers are easy on installation and accessibility.

Retractable Tonneau Covers:
A Ford F-150 bed cover retractable types are almost similar to roll up tonneau covers when it comes to amazing features. But, one thing that makes it stand out of all tonneau covers is its versatility. The Ford F-150 bed cover designed with retractable feature will allow you to carry oversized cargo and awkwardly shaped products with full accessibility to your truck.
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Benefits of buying tonneau cover for your Ford F-150 truck:

Security :
The most imperative activity for a tonneau cover is that it keeps your devices, apparatus, baggage, or some other things far from criminals. Since thieves can’t see inside your Ford F-150 bed with a tonneau, they won’t recognize what sort of stuff you have underneath. On the off chance that somebody gets inquisitive, simply ensure you get a locking bed cover and you’re ready. While most bed covers have locking capacities, you can include a rear end lock for absolute security.

Climate :
Natural force is a brute that you can’t control. With a truck bed cover, you won’t need to stress over fitting every one of your basic needs into the taxi or departing your responding saw at home on the grounds that the sky is overcast. A bed cover, particularly a hard tonneau, shields your freight from a downpour, snow, slush and unforgiving UV beams originating from the sun. Despite the fact that there is no completely waterproof bed blanket out there, a hardcover will keep practically all dampness outside and your freight dry and secure within.

Optimal design :
A hard collapsing tonneau spread sits practically flush with the bed rails of your truck. This gives your truck an increasingly streamlined structure moving not far off. That eliminates wind opposition and can spare you a minimal expenditure at the gas. You won’t see a noteworthy improvement in your gas bill, however, you may see little reserve funds.

How to maintain your Ford F-150 truck bed cover:
Cleaning the tonneau cover is the simplest process out of all. Simply make sure you follow these 3 tips:

  • Clean your tonneau cover in a shaded area. Sprinkle water on it to soak.
  • Pour half a cup of the car-washing solution in a bucket and add lukewarm water to prepare the cleaning solution
  • Use a soft scrub and firmly brush the surface and edges. If the stains remain stubborn, leave the cover soaked in water for 5-10 minutes more.
  • Rinse the solution with clean water and let it dry in a shaded area.